Thursday, October 28, 2010

A wee bit of magic

This is a picture of Lilly on her first Halloween.  I come back to this photo every fall.  This photo, right here, is the essence of the season. . . it's magic.  Oh my, how this photo melts me.  She's like an uber-gooey, candy-coated nugget of goodness.  I'm talkin' as sweet as they come.  Packaged up with a bit of whimsy and yummy enough to gobble right up! I can't get enough of this scrumptious little pumpkin.   
It's amazing to look back at this photo and see who this little wee-one has become.  Lilly is now much bigger and a much more sassy version of the little pumpkin you see in the picture.  She's still got it though - a magical ability to cast lovey-dovey spells on everyone she meets.
   Lilly's got the 'Bewitched' nose wiggle down to a tee. . . see, she's full of  magic!

Colleen recently told me that this fall seems even sweeter than usual.  Knowing that Lilly's surgery is soon approaching, she and her little family are more present in this moment where things are good and carefree.  Colleen and Matt decided hold off on Lilly's therapy for the two weeks leading up to surgery to steer clear of possible bugs and to make sure she's well rested.  With a bit more time on their hands . . .

They've been able to dive into their garden's big tidy up.  
 Lil' playing peek-a-boo in a pile of leaves

They've hiked near Mt. St. Helens.
Lilly and Matt scoping out the trail
Colleen and Barrett crossing a tree over water - yikes!

And crafted a few festive projects.
A sneak peek into what the kiddos will be for Halloween this year . . . Colleen, you're too stinkin' crafty!

This past week, Colleen and Matt also fit in a visit with another neurosurgeon.  Lilly and her MRI films/x-rays have now been seen by four neurosurgeons . . . three in Oregon and one in Iowa!  Each surgeon has rendered the same opinion about the fusion and the light for surgery is as green as go!  Opinions still differ on whether or not they'll use her rib bone to fuse to the C1-C2 vertebrae or if they'll use donor bone.  One nurse also said that Lilly may not need to get a "boy cut" after all.  All will be resolved in just a few short days. 

Matt and Colleen have received large support from family and friends.  Colleen's sisters-in-law have created a calendar for meals and childcare during the months following the surgery.  Matt will be able to take close to two weeks off work and Darin, Henry and I are heading over to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday with the family.  If any of you are interested in lending a helping hand, please feel free to contact me:

Lilly, thanks for your magical ways and for melting my heart the way you do.  And thank you Colleen and Matt for bringing Lilly into this world and taking such good care of her.  I love you all.

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  1. I Love reading your updates on Sweet Lilly. I am Tanya's cousin (the one who is now living in Trout Lake). Your families Love inspires me so much.