Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Birthday Wish

Happy 4th birthday to my kindred spirit, my musical Maria, my junior Jackson Pollock, my ice cream compadre, my hardcore reader, my lovey-dovey dancin' doll, my sassy sprite, my dearest friend.  

Happy Birthday Lillian Elise

Lilly's 4th birthday party at Grandma's house
Lilly's 3rd birthday celebration 

Lilly on her 2nd birthday
Lilly and Kiki on her 1st birthday

Bright and graceful our daughter appeared
Whispering a new sound
An unfamiliar cadence
In a world of memorable songs

We released the melody of our dreams
Exhaled it through our hearts
And let it slip through our palms
To discover a new and perfect rhythm

Her song echoes in our hearts
In a pitch that hums sweetness and peace
We breathe in the notes of new hope
And dance to her powerful beat

This was a poem that was written by Colleen for Lilly's 1st birthday.  We come back to it every year and are reminded by how much Lilly has changed us all. . . for the better.  Lilly is one amazing little girl and we all strive to be the best versions of ourselves because we have her in our lives.  What a gift she has given us.

Speaking of gifts, more miles were gifted to and logged for Lilly this week... another 84.45 miles to be exact!  Our total now sits at 549.75 miles for Lil'!  Keep it up and start movin' for our Lilly Girl!

Allison 14.95
Marci  3
Darin  27
Kate 18
Colleen 10
Jill   12.5

I love you Lilly and I'm so happy you came to this world.  I wish you a happy number 4. . . this is the year for dancin', walkin', runnin' and lots more lovin'.

Lilly and Colleen at birthday breakfast - Pacific Way Cafe

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