Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bloom and Grow

Although it hasn't felt much like spring in our neck of the woods, it's nice to know that change and growth is on its way.  I've been peaking out at my flower beds the last few weeks; my tulips are a bit confused and are waiting patiently for mother-nature to give them the green light to "grow" . . . grow girls, grow! They're begging to feel the warmth of the sun so that they may stretch their rising tips and bud out into their multicolored brilliance.
What I love about these perennials is that, despite frigid forecasted temperatures, these hardy little things rise from frozen ground and continue to grow and bloom, year after year.  They're always the first bit of color that signals a burst of life and new energy after a long stretch of winter cold; or in our case, a long stretch of spring cold.  I can always count on my tulips to bring color into our lives and remind me that things in life don't always have to be sunny in order to bloom.

Colleen and I are done with our blogging hibernation and have decided to continue documenting and sharing. It seems, much like the tulips, that we've hunkered down and are a bit slow to rise after the news of Lilly's forecasted second round of surgery.  We are all building up the strength and nourishment to push forward and be ready to power through the tough stuff, knowing full well that there are sunnier days ahead.  Since February, Colleen and Matt have been frozen in  the "Waiting Place", after being told that Lilly's original fusion failed.  Waiting on doctors' renderings, waiting on call-backs, waiting on schedules, waiting on the "phone to ring or the snow to snow or waiting around for a Yes or No."  Just a lot of waiting.  Seems hard to believe that Lilly is going to have to undergo another fusion; a more involved and intensive surgery that will include screws, wire, bone, and the presence of a rigid halo for at least three months.  For more information about Lilly's symptomatic atlantoaxial instability, go to: http://downsyndrome.about.com/od/medicalissuesinds/a/AAI_ro.htm

And although the forecast has been a bit cloudy and unsteady the last few months, Lilly continues to sprout, bloom, and stretch herself in other ways.  And just like Dr. Seuss, Colleen feels like the Waiting Place is "a most useless place" and has been moving forward and enjoying Lilly as she is in this very moment.

Since turning four, Lilly has tucked a few more memorable experiences under her ever-growing adventure-making belt.  Three beach trips, a star sighting, a sista/auntie visit, and quick hop up to Seattle Children's Hospital.  And . . . I'm fairly certain that Lilly and Colleen have logged enough time with doctors to bring both girls pretty damn close to receiving their honorary doctorates.  I know they're looking forward to graduating soon!!!  Whew!

Lilly and her family have been enjoying their beloved Gearheart.  Gobblin' up the goodness during spring on the Oregon coast.

Nothin' says lovin' like these two.  Cookies at 10:00am too early?  Not with Colleen as their mama!
Colleen snapped this shot of Bear patting his sister's back.  What a little lover boy!
Barrett has the same twinkle in his eye as his big sis.
Roscoe clan . . .  Matt, Colleen, Lilly and Barrett: true love!

Lilly was a bit star-struck when her favorite TV personality came to town.  Yes, THE Rachel Coleman from Signing Time came to town for a live performance.  Lilly saw her at a local high school on a Friday night and . . .
visited again with her in Portland on Saturday afternoon.  We LOVE Rachel!

Colleen's been packin' up the kiddos and enjoying a few sunny days the westside has recently offered.  Lilly was born in the beautiful town of Hood River, Oregon and it feels like home each time she returns.  This is the very same park that Colleen and Matt brought Lilly to for her first picnic at 7 days old.
Lilly and her dear friend Jill.  
Feelin' the breeze.

Lilly, Barrett, Lance and Courtney (Jill's children)

Big boy, boot-wearing Barrett

1, 2, 3 . . . go!!!  Lilly on her slide.

Cousin time 

She's getting so big.

Trip to Seattle for a second opinion.

Lovin' the bustle of the big city.

View from Auntie Tricia and Uncle Rett's Seattle condo.  Nice way to spend an evening with Lilly.

On May 17th, a team of specialists at Doernbecher Children's Hospital will be doing all that they can in order push Lilly through this rough patch o' stuff so that she may heal and grow.  In order to support my sister and show Lilly how inspirational she is, my dream was to have 1,000 miles logged in honor of Lilly before her second surgery.  Our total now sits at 720.56 miles. . . we've got a few miles to go, but we're closer than we've ever been!  With your help, I know we can push forward this next week and LOG IT FOR LIL'!  Please show your support for Lilly and move in honor of this little girl that wants nothing more than to run and jump and play like the rest of us.  

We love you Lilly.  May you bloom and grow.   

Thank you for your mileage!
Allison   43.81
Jill P.    65
Jill C.  32
Kate 10
Darin 20 

If you'd like to log miles for Lilly this week, please email me:   kdhvaughan@gmail.com 
1,000 miles, here we come!!! 

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