Monday, June 6, 2011

Dress Rehearsal

As many of you know, and I am sure an equal amount of you don't know, that Lilly's surgery was postponed three weeks ago due to a sinus infection (Thursday, June 9th is the new surgery date).  Matt and I figured that the docs would call it, but we had to go through the process: all the way up to shaking the hands of the seafoam green-gowned neurosurgeons who were prepared that day to make our sweet loving baby girl into a bionic four year old.  Imagine the super powers Lilly will soon possess!  As if she didn't have a batmobile-sized amount of magical strength already!
Lilly in her hospital gown - loving the cartoons.  Mama holding it together - barely!
So, after the entire weekend leading up to surgery running errands (including getting Lilly's second pixie cut, or as we like to call it "The Emma Watson"), attempting to clean our creatively-cluttered house, packing for four days in the hospital, making arrangements for Barrett, and throwing in a few emotional tantrums (yes, I am talking about me), we were ready to roll.  So, to get the news that we needed to hold off on the surgery was a bit disappointing.  Though, it mostly came as a relief: we would get more time with Lilly, and we could all go home and nap.  That "dress rehearsal" inspired me to have our big-to-dos done by Tuesday this week, so we have a peacefully pleasant transition into surgery and recovery land this time around.  If you know me well, there will still be a mad dash out the door - but a mini mad dash is better than a full-blown one, right?
The afternoon of Lilly's postponed surgery looked more like this...

Lilly admiring her "Matt" and the tilling work he did in the garden. 

Giving directions and scoping out where she'll plant the carrots.

Barrett was so grateful to be reunited with his sista and his tractor.  Though, I am pretty sure his time with Grandma would have been just as awesome!

Reunited and it feels so good . . .

Lilly smiling for the camera while cooking up a mean soap soup!

Serious business . . . Lil' has her cook face on!

Didn't think these two would have a bath together for three months.  We did it up with bubbles that afternoon!!!
The following weekend, my dad, "Boppa", met us at Dozer Days: an annual event held in a massive rock quarry in the town of Camas, WA.  In our master plan leading up to Lilly's surgery, I had written that Matt and I would take Barrett to Dozer Days while Lilly recovered at home with Grandma.  We stuffed that plan, obviously, and took both Lilly and Bear to the land of yellow plastic hardhats, bug-eyed boys, dirt digging/dumping scoopy thingies, and mothers who were mostly WAY out of place but loving seeing their kids in amazement.  Just kidding, I totally know the difference between a skid-steer and a front end loader, I think.  Uh, Matt . . . .
Move over cement truck, here comes something stronger.

Double trouble!

And . . . pretty cute, too!

Boppa and the worker boy.
 Look at Bear's hand - is that a built-in-guy-thing?

In complete awe!

Yup, this shot sums it up well.

Nothing like a break of goldfish crackers and fruit leather.
So, according to the new plan . . . laundry must be completed, house tidied up, bags repacked (mostly still packed from the last time), master schedule typed and sent to family, and lots of lovin' on each other. We can do that!   Heck, we've done it before. We've done most of this before . . . including a spine fusion. Thank goodness for life's dress rehearsals! 

Keep checking back this week for surgery details.  I will be posting updates on FB and the blog.  Thank you all for thinking about, praying for, running with, loving on our Lillian Elise.

My wonder twin extrodinaire, Kate, has motivated and inspired our family and friends to move for Lilly.  Hundreds of miles have been logged since we first found out a second surgery was necessary.  Loggin' it for Lilly is coming to a close now that surgery is just days away.  The goal was to log 1,000 miles in honor of Lillian, and we're closing in our milage goal.  Our grand total now sits at 950.06!!! Yippee!!!

Jill   39
Allison   10.5
Kate  28                                      
Darin 42                                      
Julie  46
Aubree  46
Colleen 18
Total for May-June 6th = 229.5

Let's not stop at 1,000 miles, y'all!!!  Keep walking, running, skipping, and hopping in honor of Lilly!

Please be sure to write my sister an email if you'd like to dedicate your movement/miles to our Lilly Girl.
Or find us on Facebook:
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