Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Home and Healing

First Week Back Home:
Matt and I loaded our no-napping, only on Tylenol little love into our car on Monday evening last week and headed home.  We weren't sure if it was the juice Lilly was drinking (we needed her to intake fluid and get her to pee) . . . but, Lilly did not nap during her final day in the hospital. We arrived home to my dad, Barrett, and a turkey dinner from an awesome family at Sacred Heart.

It was clear that Barrett was unsure about Lilly and her halo and the sudden arrival of both mom and dad.  The chair we designated for Lilly was all Barrett wanted that evening, and whatever naughtiness he held back from his grandparents, who had watched him all weekend, began to surface.  The awesome thing about Barrett is that he quickly adapts to change; he has now welcomed the halo and Lilly's "scratch" on the back of her neck.  In fact, today Barrett attempted to adjust Lilly's halo with several gadgets from his tool box.  I quickly redirected him to a more appropriate project, but it was a sign that the carbon fiber contraption on his sister isn't that "scary" after all.

We've gotten the hang of lifting and carrying Lilly.  And the girl was even on her walker two days after she arrived home.  As well, we are quickening our "getting Lilly in her modified car seat" pace as each day passes.  Matt stayed home all week with us.  I am reminded, in times like these, how thankful I am to have met and married Matt.  When I get overwhelmed or have irrational thoughts, Matt focuses and calmly carries out what he knows is best for us all.  If it were up to me, I may have gotten Lilly on her feet by now but certainly would not have her chasing her brother around the living room or soaring over downed logs on a quarter mile hike to the Lewis River.  Note: Lilly was in her jogger when the soaring action took place; even Matt wouldn't encourage her to do that on her own a week post surgery.

Here are a few pictures of what we've been up to since arriving home with Lilly:

Matt and Uncle John carrying a wild tiger through the jungle.  Lilly roared furiously during most of the walk shouting,
"Look, a mean tiger . . . rrrrrooooaarrrr."

Looks like a friendly tiger to me!

Making her way over the rocks

So happy to be frolicking outside with her cousins

Subway sandwiches and a river view . . . what could be better?

South fork of the Lewis River

Swinging with her daddy in our backyard
Painting with mama

Playing with her dollies on a sunny Friday morning.

Art time on our front stoop
Logging it for Lilly
Thank you to those of you who dedicated your miles to Lilly in the last few weeks. In two weeks' time, you have accumulated 160 miles with Lilly on your mind. When you think about how free we all are to go on a run or a walk, and do it with relative ease, it seems only right to celebrate that ability by getting out and moving. I still encourage you all to keep making tracks, with Lilly in your thoughts, and to appreciate the gift that walking strongly and running powerfully truly is.

Kate L.  25
Michelle A.  50
Kelle H.  18
Jinny 12
Kate 25
Rachel 20
Colleen 10

Tomorrow, Lilly and I head to OHSU for Lil's two week check-up.  Can you believe this Thursday marks two weeks since surgery?  We are concerned about three pin sites - one in particular.  Matt and I hope they can give us a stronger topical ointment or an oral antibiotic.  If not, they may need to pull the infected pins out and place in new pins. Or, another option would be to remove the entire halo and place her in a hard collar (like the one she wore the last six months).  Never thought I would WANT Lilly in a halo, but she does need to be in it for as long as possible.  I'll write an update tomorrow, after the appointment, to let you know what the doctors decide.  Prayers, thoughts, oms, tribal dances - whatever you do to make things go well - would be appreciated!

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